2011 Lumens Catalogue - by Bildi Grafiks

alexewhitno2 (MY STUFF)

Experiments on the materiality of the book.  «What is a book?»

My creative process :

Create a perfect harmony between content and container, a dialogue between all partsof the book as object. The emphasis is on the notion of the reader’s experience. The goal is to have it participate in the creative process by requiring him to move fromobserver to participant. It forces them to adopt and agree to take actions that willinevitably alter the work. This responsibility changes the report he faces the object.

The unusual structure of my book aims to 
cause emotional encounter with the reader.The sewn binding makes it impossible to open the book and is to be removed in a gesture of appropriation of the object. The alteration of the structure makes the experience intense and ephemeral for the participant. Thereafter it is through food for thought, a non-linear narration and navigation open that I’ve tried to propel the reader on a given universe, but leaving it free to compose a path of its own.

ƒood for thought :

« Understood thatthe conceptof the bookis infinite, the search fortheperfect bookis as much;only remains todefineinfinityand eliminating everything else. »

« And if the key to perfect work was in the unique experience of the materiality of the book rather than its content? And if the form took precedence over function? And if all this time we were doing wrong? »

School project

Typography : illustration class

Supervisor : Judith Poirier

Imposed papers, image (only the two stripes and the 5.8 on the cover - printing raster I’ve modified) and text (extract of La Bibliothèque de Babel de Jorge Luis Borges - only to start the reflexion)

alexewhitno2 (MY STUFF)

THE SURF LODGE, Montauk, New York, USA

(re) Branding

School final project

Graphic Design, UQAM, Montreal

Supervisor : Louis Gagnon, Paprika

Canvas  by  andbamnan